First Uttar Pradesh has emerged with the objective of maintaining the credibility of the media in the public. The objective of First Uttar Pradesh is to reach the public the true and true news. Welcome to the website of First Uttar Pradesh, dedicated to providing very interesting news with a focus on news. News website has been set up by Manish Sharma in 2019. Now the audience will be exposed to the news of the place – city, country, world, politics, Bollywood, live coverage, crime.

In journalism, many wrong practices are coming up every day, such as editing news in a non-essential way, running news, running some news to benefit private relations etc. Growing up in the guise of journalism‚ Media institutions do not want to reach the news anymore, on the contrary, they have started entering into trade agreements under the guise of journalism, the important information and news that does not reach the public. Slowly, but right now the public has also started to understand that journalism is in danger.  That’s why First Uttar Pradesh News has started to reach the true and true news to the public.

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