Indian Rocket Parts In Australia? Beach Discovery Sparks Buzz

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Indian Rocket Parts In Australia? Beach Discovery Sparks Buzz

Mysterious object at Australian Beach: a mysterious cylinder shaped huge metal object on the coast of West Australia remains a subject of awe and awe. In case of no information about the giant unidentified object, police have warned beachgoers to stay away from it.

People near the town of Green head on the Central West Coast reported something unknown lying to police on Sunday afternoon. The police are also looking at the object and trying to find out if it is something normal or dangerous. The police have warned visitors to stay away from him till the investigation is done. On the other hand, various speculations are being raised on social media after the photo of the mysterious metal object went viral.

How to speculate on social media?

After the photo of the mysterious object went viral on social media, users are raising various speculations. Someone is connecting him with a UFO and someone is connecting him with a missing Malaysian MH370 aircraft. Users did not refrain from linking the object to Chandrayaan-3, which is moving in Earth’s orbit. Some users on Reddit have speculated that it could be the third stage of India’s PSLV rocket that points to a previous debris landing in the Indian Ocean.

However, the police have advised people to avoid any speculations. The police said it was difficult to reach a conclusion until a full investigation was conducted. The police said force has been put in place to protect the mysterious object till the investigation is done.

Western Australia Police said in a statement, “investigations are ongoing and until further information is available, we urge everyone to avoid drawing conclusions. Officers from the Western Australia Police Force are guarding the object until an investigation is conducted.”

What is the object looking like?

In viral photos and videos on social media, a damaged object of copper color is seen that looks different from anything else. The lower half appears to have erupted from its original location. However, what has it separated from and how cracked? No one could guess it.

Australian space agency investigates

The Australian Space Agency has also sent the team to investigate the mysterious object. The agency will investigate whether the object is part of an alien space launch vehicle that has drifted ashore. They are in contact with international counterparts to gather more information about the mysterious cylinder. The agency said that unless the object can be ascertained where it is and how it arrived, it should be kept in the same place and not try to tamper with it. Because it can also be dangerous.

Space archaeologist claims Chandrayaan-3 or any other launch vehicle is part of

Space archaeologist Dr. Alice Gorman believes that the object could be a fuel cylinder from India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle rocket or Chandrayaan-3. Speculated that some marine weather event would have caused it to crumble and come ashore. Dr. Gorman also noted that such findings provide an opportunity for the public to connect with space, often making these objects souvenirs.

The Australian Space Agency said it was possible that the giant cylinder had fallen from the Alien Space Launch Vehicle and that it was in contact with other international agencies.

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