Meet Captain Pikachu, Star of the Upcoming ‘Pokémon’ Series



All good things must come to an end. Sometimes, though, they evolve. Longtime Pokémon TV series stars Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are leaving the franchise with Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series after 25 seasons of adventures. A new Pokémon series is on the way with Liko and Roy leading the way. But can you have Pokémon without Pikachu? We don’t think so. Fortunately, the upcoming series will feature Captain Pikachu and his partner, Professor Friede. The Pokémon Company just revealed the characters. Look at Captain Pikachu’s hat.

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Captain Pikachu and Professor Friede, two characters from the new Pokemon series, stand side by side

The Pokémon Company

Friede and Captain Pikachu will accompany the animated series’ protagonists, Liko and Roy, on their adventure. We have a feeling Captain Pikachu will be the star. I can already picture all the adorable plush toys.

In a statement, Taito Okiura, The Pokémon Company vice president of marketing said:

For 27 years, Pikachu has been synonymous with the Pokémon franchise, and we look forward to seeing this beloved Pokémon continue to have a significant presence in the animated series and remain an icon for the brand.

Pikachu is a powerhouse, regardless of whether he wears cute accessories. We look forward to learning more about the next chapter of Pokémon stories. It seems possible we could hear more on National Pokémon Day on Feburary 27.

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Featured Image: The Pokémon Company



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